Andrew Mahoney has over 34 year’s experience as a Scotland Yard detective working on serious, organised crime and counter terrorism with a focus on financial crime matters. Andrew was the Head of the London Regional Asset Recovery Team, Asset Confiscation Enforcement Team and he was also a Senior Officer in the UK National Terrorism Financial Investigation Unit.

He has worked overseas for the UK Government in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa advising on counter terrorism matters. Andrew designed and delivered bespoke in-country AML/CFT training overseas to prosecutors and investigators on behalf of the UK.

Andrew has worked for the FATF, undertaking Mutual Evaluations and as a member of the FATF joint group for the Middle East and Africa assisting countries under review.  He was a member of the National Financial Investigators Working Group in the UK advising on AML policy and fostering legislative change including work on Unexplained Wealth Orders and account freezing orders.

Andrew currently lectures to Scotland Yard detectives, holds an International Diploma in Money Laundering from the University of Manchester in the UK and is a member of the International Compliance Association. He is also an AML/CTF expert to the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office.